Hello people,

So…I’ve had this recording file on my Desktop that’s labeled ‘Demo 2014’ that hasn’t been completed until today.  It’s essentially the Bruton Gaster Demo’s and I just finished Volume 2 of it.  I’m pretty excited and pretty proud of it.  Volume 1 was done pretty quickly because it was a song I had done before (Ovaltine Jenkins aka 100 to 120) and that Casinos cover you may (or may not) have seen me play before.

Volume 2’s been sitting on my Desktop, slowly getting done.  It’s been a little too slow (like a year and half too slow,) and I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’ve been slowly putting the songs out on the Bandcamps as I’ve finished them over the past year, but never fully ‘announced’ it because it wasn’t complete.

Now it is and I’m super excited to get this one off my plate.  It features some friends like Books… (Brian from Hidden Cabins) and Popeye Vogelsang from YFT and that other band.

At the end of 2015, I got super pumped to start recording again and to stop making excuses for not doing it.  So, to get me in the groove of things I also did a 3-song cover thingy.  It really helped to get the ball rolling.  So, without further adeu…here’s links to the two:

In other news, I’m almost done recording the guitars for three more demos songs, and there’s some talk of a comp coming out in a month or so with a kinda newish song on it too. Also, Craig and Jeff have put together another great show at Krough’s in Sparta on Feb 6 as part of the Stripped Songs & Sing-a-longs Stay tuned…