New Website!

T.GUNN Music got totally revamped a few weeks ago to make room for the pre-orders.  So, now, I have a merch section and other revamps.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  : )

FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016

I’m pumped cause I get to see some buddies I haven’t seen in a while.  I’ll be joining Jeff Caudill (Gameface), Garrett Klahn (Texas Is The Reason), Popeye Vogelsang (Farside) and Matthew Ryan in Garwood at Crossroads on June 24th.  Tickets are available via Ticketfly.

I figured the week of a great show would be the perfect opportunity to announce this…

T.GUNN Full Length

All right.  Here’s the deal.  I’ve decided to take the plunge and record a record with the magical Joe Dell’Aquila at Exeter Studios.  Exeter has recorded some of my favorite records over the years and I think it’ll come out awesome.  What I’m planning on doing is recording ‘pro’ versions of some of the songs that are on the 3-Song Demo and both Bruton Gaster Demos as well as some pretty cool newer songs.  

While Joe’s giving me an amazing rate at the studio, it is coming out of my pocket so I thought I’d set up a little pre-order page here to help defer some of the costs.  My gameplan is to go into the studio at the end of September / early October and get this thing hammered out.  The album will come out shortly after that.

This will be a pre-order for the digital version or CD of the album.  The CD version will also come with a digital download so can listen right away!  If the album happens comes out on Vinyl (wouldn’t that be cool) I’ll figure out some way give you some pre-order credit toward that as well.

As a bonus for pre-ordering the record, I’ll give you a little sneak peak into one of the new songs, titled “Open Eyes” which you can download as soon as you click the ‘buy now’ button below.

If you have any questions, please email me.

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