Hey Guys!  It’s been a hot minute so I thought I’d give some updates.

The Album

First of all, welcome to 2017.  As you know, the end of 2016 was focused on putting out the Semantic album.  Well, it’s real close to being done.  Another round of mixes, then mastering and it’s all yours.  I’ll release the digital version first (as soon as I get the masters back) and then I’ll order the CD’s as soon as I can.  Real excited!  With any luck the album will be out at the end of January / early February.  Sorry it took a little extra time, but it’ll be worth it.

You can still pre-order the album, or just wait until I see you at a show.  I will undoubtedly be playing some shows after I get the CD’s in which I’m pumped about.

Full Band

T.GUNN & The Semantics booked another show at the end of January at the MillHill Basement.  Should be a good time as we’re playing with Bryan McPherson, The Cryptkeeper 5, Dim (from Honah Lee) and Logan Carpenter.  It’ll be a banger!  Here’s the Facebook Event.

I’ve learned better than to set any type of date, but we’re also going to slowly be working on some kind of Demo / EP for the full band stuff.  Stay tuned for that.

What Else For 2017?

Quick side note: me, Rothenbeck, Hidden Cabins, and Christina Alessi will be playing in Booton this Thursday (January 5) at Maxfield’s on Main.  Here’s the Facebook Event.

Every year, I try to set up ‘goals’ for myself for the upcoming year.  I don’t know if I have any goals yet for this year but it’s still early.  After getting the album out and playing shows, I think I’ll be working on some new songs and maybe have some acoustic stuff out by mid-summer.  Should probably learn a new cover or two too…who knows.  Life is Life.