Hey Guys,

Yarnspinners is back for another season!  I was lucky enough to be on the season premier with Galuppo and Renee Maskin.  In this season opener, Rothenbeck decided to change things up a little bit.  The whole thing was done live at The Canal House.  It was a great time!  Check it out below or at the Yarnspinners site.  Here’s from the website:

Live from the Canal House in Wharton, NJ!  

In a supersized season opener, Brian welcomes guests Joe Galuppo, T.Gunn, and Renee Maskin for a live (and lively!) episode.  

It’s been a year since the Yarnspinners fell silent, and things have only gotten worse.  Now faced with a surreal, dystopian hellscape, Brian and his new sidekick-slash-producer Matthew Logie fight back against the darkness with songs, stories, and a small patch of rug.  Faced with insurmountable odds, our heroes enlist the help of three powerful bards who traveled from all reaches of the land to join the quest to defeat the evil sorcerer who holds their world in his wretched grasp!  Follow @yarnspinnerspod on Twitter for details about the recording of episode two of Yarnspinners: Dark Side of the Loom.