T.GUNN & The Semantics

A lot has happened in the past couple of months since the Semantics LP came out.  Namely, we put out a full band EP out on Tuesday.  We started the process back in January when we set up Rothenbeck’s drums up in the kitchen.  I thought I could handle recording a full band demo…which I realized I couldn’t.  After countless mixes I started to get the hang of it…at the least the best I could.  The result is “The Demo EP” from T.GUNN & The Semantics.

The ‘project’ started in October 2016, when I had two weeks to fill in a ‘full band’ spot at a show.  I called Rothenbeck and said, “You know my songs, I don’t know how to play (electric) guitar…should we see if can pull it off?”  Shortly after that we got in touch with Jeff Stevens (of Avoider, YAA, Killed By The Bull fame) cause he lives about a mile and a half from me…but more importantly, he’s an amazing bass player.  So we took a handful of songs from the Semantics LP, sped them up and gave them some attitude.

I think we managed to cram 8 practices into a two week period…and then played the show.  We did all right, so I asked the guys if they would be interested in continuing with the ‘full band’ thing if the opportunity came up.  They both were into it, so naturally the next step was to get something on tape.

Legzzz was in Las Vegas for a couple of days so we made a mess of the house and dragged the drums in the kitchen, mic’d them up and the EP was well on it’s way.  After recording guitars, bass and vocals, we got some great guys to sing on the album including Greg Pallante, Jared Hart and Popeye.

So, without further wait, here’s the EP.  Check out the “The Demo EP” here or on Bandcamp.

The Wait’s “Just Laugh”

I always thought the highest complement I could give a band was “I’d be super into this album even if I didn’t play with you all the time.”  The Wait were always one of those bands.  Back in the CRL days, we used to play with The Wait…A LOT.  So, the boys took a show (after a long hiatus) with Samiam and they were sitting on some songs that were recorded back in 2012/13.  In Greg’s word he hit me and said, “You write one, and we’ll play it.”  It was one of my favorite songs of the ‘new batch’ they were working on.  I laid down some scratch tracks to see if they would like it, and like a fire…it got out of control (in a good way.)

I was privileged enough to be able to head back down to Exeter Recordings, did my vocals last week and Greg released it yesterday.  Pretty proud and honored about it.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and hopefully I’ll see you at the show on Friday.

Show: July 1, 2017

I got an acoustic show coming up on July 1, 2017 in Kenilworth with Nine Eighteen. I’ll have some CD’s with me and I hear 10th Street Live is a pretty cool place. Hope to see you there. You can check out details on Facebook or on the shows page.

Combover Records Comp

As a teaser to the new EP, we put a rough of mix of Ovaltine Jenkins on the The Damp Jersey Basement Comp, Vol. 2 comp.  Check it out below or on Bandcamp.