Hey-ooo. Awesome News!  After catching up with Bill at the Samiam show, I decided to get The Demo EP mastered.  Damn, it sounds good.  Huge thanks to Bill and Azimuth Mastering for doing an amazing job.  It’s got to a point where a ‘quick, kitchen demo’ has, kinda turned into a full-fledged deec sounding EP.

So, along with the release of the mastered versions, I’ve put a little price tag on the EP.  Apologies, but we put a lot of work into this and, at some point, it stopped being ‘a quick thing’ we threw together and something that took a whole lot of time and energy.  Plus Roth, Stevens and Bill have all had to deal with all my analitity…anal-retentiveness…OCD…Tommy being Tommy-ness.  I like analitity the best…Ima stick with that.

So, as of now, the EP is up on ITunes, Amazon, Google Music, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify and all the rest.  It’s a buck cheaper on Bandcamp cause…well, I like Bandcamp.

You can add it / listen to it on Bandcamp, Apple MusicSpotify, Tidal, Pandora and the rest.

So, give it a listen and I hope you dig it as much as I / we are.

I also ended up making a Facebook Page for the full band stuff too.

Well, enjoy the updates.

Upcoming Acoustic Shows:

Also, I got two acoustic shows coming up.  Come hang at your own risk…to party!?

Warren Swan, T.GUNN, Mike Vidal, Brian Rothenbeck @ Manskirt Brewing – Hackettstown, NJ

Bryan McPherson, Chris Brown, T.GUNN, Chris Skel @ Asbury Park Brewery – Asbury Park, NJ