A split 7″ Communication Redlight did with Your Favorite Trainwreck.  Here’s a write up from Devildance:

So we just confirmed another release for early 2010… a split 7″ with California supergroup Your Favorite Trainwreck, which features Popeye of the band Farside and Jeff Caudill from the band Gameface. and New Brunswick’s own Communication Redlight which features ex-members of Delft and The Low End Theory. Here’s the skinny…

COMMUNICATION REDLIGHT. are a new New Brunswick, N.J.  band…  that play a modernized version of 90′s melodic hardcore. They are our dear old friends, and you are going to love them. Think Knapsack meets Inside. Without them this record would not be possible.

YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECK. Fuck I still can’t even believe we’re doing a record with these dudes. If you never heard of  Farside or Gameface you should do yourself a favor and go check em out… as they were both Revelation Records favorites in the mid 90′s. When we were young and even dumber than I am now, ALL WE DID was go to shows, skateboard and listen to records…and you better believe Farside & Gameface were in heavy rotation. The Farside “hero” 7″ was the second 7″ I ever owned… and im sure a lot of you know, is in regular rotation every time I DJ. So it’s still a little surreal that we’re involved with this.

Record Label:  Devildance Records

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Split 7″ (with Your Favorite Trainwreck)

Artist : Communication Redlight
Title : Split 7
Release Date : June 24, 2010